Vex 6


Even though that new online games appear every day, it is really difficult to find a game which can hook you up and make you addicted to it. As for me, one of the first games that comes to my mind when I say about the really legendary online games is the Vex Game Series. The development of the 1st version of the game became many years ago and by that time, it was something unique. Despite the fact that the game used Flash it was very smooth, fast and had really high quiality graphics. Today, the technology of creating online games has improved by the Vex game series is still on the top of the popularity. The main reason of this is probably the hard work of the developers to make the game better with every new version. Today, let me introduce the 6th edition of the game series and believe me, Vex 6 is much better than the previous versions of the game and better then any similar game available today. In fact, Vex 6 is a unique mixture of running,puzzle and adventure games because here you have to jump, run, swim and make this all together very fast to win the game. The gameplay of the game became, the graphics is also very nice. A good news is that the game is available on all devices, including the smartphones, tablet pc, laptops and others. You can play the game at our website or download the game from Play Market to your device.

Survive tricky traps and obstacles
Unlock new skins for your character
Daily challenges and bonus level
Play in fullscreen for free

How to play:

AD or left/right arrow to move.
W or up arrow to jump.
S or down arrow to crouch (enter an act).

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